Valerie Scott

Originally from Burbank, CA, Valerie received her BA in Fine Arts from California State University at Northridge. Her inspirations come from such contemporary masters as Jasper Johns, Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Richard Diebenkorn, William De Kooning, and Chuck Close. These artists have shaped the painter that she is today. Valerie's creative process has gone through many stages, reflective of her life so far. Her work is influenced by her many moods; peaceful or sorrowful at times. Her abstract paintings reflect these emotional highs and lows and her process is guided by the simplest of life observations. For instance, a water puddle in the gutter can hold little nuances of texture that give her inspiration! These little wonders play an integral part in her experimentation when bringing the painting to completion. Small slices of life motivate her to create all of her pieces with a heavy dose of color and texture. Valerie hopes that the viewer of her art can thoroughly enjoy and see the painting differently as many times as it is contemplated.

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