Katerina Connearney

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Katerina was surrounded by the marvels of classical art as part of her everyday reality, yet she never took them for granted. Her admiration and appreciation for the human form as a medium for expression can be seen in her artwork to this day. In addition to her native Greece, Katerina's studies took her to Germany, Italy, New York, where she received a BA in Arts from SUNY Buffalo, and to San Francisco where she now lives and paints at Oakdale Painting Studio. These experiences have offered many varied lessons, the most fundamental, yet simple, is this: we are all unique, yet we share much in common. We all are full of surprises and potential. The challenge is recognizing that not only we are deserving of fulfilling our dreams and potential - all people are. Katerina's hope is that these drawings of the nude human body, simple and unadorned, might help us look through our egos and trappings to see and become aware of the common root in us all.

For more information about Katerina and her work, please visit her website: www.Sxedio.com