Hilla Hueber

Born and raised in Germany, Hilla lived in Munich most of her life before moving to San Francisco in 1997. She is showing her work throughout the Bay Area. After years of painting and drawing part-time, Hilla began working as a full-time artist with an every day studio practice in 2013. Studies are continuing at UC Berkeley Extension.

Hilla's drawings reference the urban environment as she experiences it. She is interested in the influence our surroundings have on us, exploring the relationship between man-made structures and natural elements, empty versus crowded spaces, boundaries and expanse. Lines, shapes and patterns are drawn as focused reflections on light and color perception, structure, personal experience and our human condition.

Pen and ink is her preferred medium for drawings. With variations in tone and gradation of ink washes and added geometric shapes drawn with a pen, she explores the relationship between the layered ink background with its varying tonal values and the patterns that emerge when drawing over the wash once it has dried. The formal vocabulary keeps evolving. Even small variations in line or color strength, or the overlay of patterns allow new discoveries. Simple shapes like triangles, squares, circles, are chosen for their simplicity and their universal accessibility. When Hilla develops a drawing in a step by step approach, often over weeks, the shapes and patterns are intended to come together in a balanced yet dynamic image.

For more information about Hilla and her work, please visit her website: www.hilla-hueber-studio.com